Naturally - Vinyl
Naturally - Vinyl
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Naturally - Vinyl

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Taylor Cochrane, songwriter for 36?, on “Naturally”

“Naturally comes as an attempt to encapsulate the dilemma that I believe every artist experiences as their art shifts from personal musings to the worldwide stage. Is it really possible to remain true to yourself when you know that the world is watching? They say that electrons behave differently the moment that they are observed, I believe the same can be said for artists. The desire to be heard and the desire to speak truthfully are not always a complementary pairing and that is the theme for this record. ”

This release is a split vinyl record with genius art-pop songstress Laura Hickli 


Side 36? (all songs by 36?)

  • Natural
  • Samuel
  • After a While
  • Isolated
  • Changes
  • Sunken Shrine
  • Natural (reprise)

Side Laura Hickli (all songs by Laura Hickli)

  • Two Dogs
  • Love, Outlive Me
  • The Ebony Room
  • Unholy Power
  • Finding You're Not Missing a Thing

*comes with download code for a digital version of both records